A ballerina's life

Anonymous asked: Hi so I'm 15 years old right now and I've done jazz and lyrical classes but only for a short period of time so I'm not that great I honestly only have one pirouette down, I haven't danced since 8th grade though and I'm in 10th now, I'm busy in life right now but by the time I'm a junior (August) I really want to get back into dance because it's killing me but I've been thinking about ballet, I have now experience in it, do you think I'm too old to start now? (I'm not thinking professional)

No! Go for it!!! (: 

Ballet is beautiful, do it. You won’t regret!! 

severelysilent asked: Hola, me encanta tu blog tantísimo!! Veo que hablas español y estoy aprendiéndolo en la escuela. Por eso, mi español no es perfecto, pero tuve ganas de escribirte en español. Oh and by the way, your English is excellent :-)

Muchas gracias!!!! Estas aprendiendo español?? No parece, lo hablas muy bien (: 

Y gracias por los cumplidos, me hiciste el dia!